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Creativity Skills training
Critical Thinking training
Leadership Training
Effective Communication
Presentation training skills
Problem-solving Skills training
Digital Literacy Skills training
Responsible Relationships training
Entrepreneurship training skills
Money/Financial & Wealth creation skills (Money Reloaded Training Programs)

Personal developement trainings (Students, teens, youths, young adults)

Personal development training for Teens, Youths & Young Adults
Takes 1 month: 4 saturdays only
Every saturday from 9:00am-1:00pm
Venue: Pine Tree Plaza, Ngong Road, 8th Floor, conference room, Nairobi Garage, (Kamburu Drive)
Charges 15,000 per child.
 Parents Enrollment is open


  1. Who am I? what am I here on earth for? My purpose in this life.
  2. Money Matters (Make, Manage & Multiply money)
  3. Effective realtionships and friendships
  4. Personality types
  5. Ledership skills for young people in collaboration with John Maxwell team
  6. 21st century skills for success in primary, high school, college, university and workplace
  7. Spiritual fullfilment, fun & enjoyment
  8. Purpose, vision and potential
  9. Gifts & Talents (Discover your talent and gift and how to nature them)

The Total Cost for training is Kes 15,000 for one month. The fee includes refreshments at the classes as well as a training manual with the relevant notes, reference materials, electronic templates, and exercises.

Payments can be made via:

  1. Safaricom Pay Bill Number 247247, Account Number: 0630175428377
  2. Cash Deposit, Bank Transfer, or Cheques should be made out to EstboAchievers Education Centre

        Account Name: EstboAchievers Education Centre

        Account Number:0630175428377

        Bank: Equity Bank

        Branch: Kilimani (YAYA CENTRE NGONG ROAD)

CALL MR. ROBERT ON 0706359585