How to successfully raise your child to be a future parent

“What is wrong with children these days?” A frustrated parent of a stubborn and rebellious child asked me one day. Nothing. They just need to be raised. Unfortunately, some people have children but do not wish to be parents. Some parents provide for their children but don’t wish to raise them. Some wish to raise their children but have no idea how.
Probably by now you have read many parenting books, listened to a number of parenting speakers, attended several parenting conferences but you still struggle parenting your child. Where could the problem be?There is more, much more to it than that.
Good news, after many years of parenting success with these principles, we have decided to share these principles with you to equip you to be the best parent that has ever existed.These principles will revolve around:
Instructing your child
Training your child
Disciplining your child
 Being a good manager of the home
Teaching your child to be obedient
Drawing near to your children
Whats more?  We will also be sharing with you principles to successfully raise your teenager.


Have you ever found yourself doing this harsh thing to your child?

It’s a good thing to ponder. What does it mean? I think … it means to let your child be who and what he was created to be and NOT who and what you want him to be.

What does it mean to unfold and not mold?

Unfolding your child means to watch and listen, not ignore and block out, or insist that ice hockey (for instance) is the only sport worth playing because that’s what YOU played. It means there is a unique individual here before you who has a chance to be who he was created to be if you will only get out of his way.


How safe is your child on that phone

As a parent are you aware of what goes on on the other side of the phone? Are you sure your child is watching the right content? Are you aware that your child could be struggling with this huge monster?

With the sudden rise in technology, home internet providers, WiFi internet and influx of Android phones, youth, teenagers, young adults and even married men have easy access to a seemingly endless supply of pornography.

Parents are rushing to buy their sons and daughters phones as gifts and as a sign of love and some parents are oblivious that they are driving their children to pits that they will soon find it difficult to come out.

Are you aware that some children have even more expensive phones than that of their parents?

However, as a parent are you aware of what goes on on the other side of the phone? Are you sure your child is watching the right content?

Your child could be introduced this huge monster

Is your child struggling with this monster called pornography and you are not aware?

Is the sudden change in your child’s habits a sign that your child is consuming the wrong content on that phone?

Join us for our first part on HOW SAFE IS YOUR CHILD ON THAT PHONE?

Part 1 (2018): How do you know your child is consuming the wrong content? (Pornography)

Keep in tune for part 2:

Parents: Apply This Major Secret Technique To Improve Bonding With Your Son/daughter

Abraham took Ishmael his son and circumcised him.
Gen 17:23

Parents this is huge: Do you always find yourself struggling to bond with your son or daughter? This is where you go wrong. Knowing this area where parenting is missed will change the way you bond with your son or daughter.

A story is told of a dad who at every devotion time especially at night would tell his son, “Make sure you say your prayers tonight” then the dad would leave the son alone and would head straight to his bedroom. However, the dad noticed that as soon as he left the son alone, the son would make very short prayers lasting 2 minutes then he would hope immediately into bed and sleep. His prayers were rather short.

This is the mistake that the dad used to do that many parents do all the time without noticing

The dad told the son to pray but was never available to pray together with the son so that the son could learn not only how to pray but what to say while praying. In other words, the dad was telling the son what he should do and not what they should do together. Now, here is where you make the mistake you don’t take your son/daughter with you to the activity.

It will make a difference how you bond with your son/daughter when you take your son/daughter to the activity and do the activity together rather than tell your son/daughter how to do the activity then abandon them at the venue of the activity.

You are complaining of late that the bond between you and your son/daughter is weakening. But have you now realized that you are the one increasing the distance between you and your son/daughter? Whichever activity you choose, can you do the activity together with your son/daughter?  “But don’t you realize that I don’t have time. I leave home early in the morning and get back late in the evening trying to look for daily bread so that my family doesn’t go hungry.” So you say.  You are not alone. Of course in Nairobi everyone is busy. Even as I write this article I can assure you that I am very tired but I still create time to write it. The secret is to create time for your son/daughter and you will notice a remarkable difference in the level of bonding between you and your son/daughter. You will have a marvelous time together.

What to do to increase the bond between you and your son/daughter

This is where so much parenting is missed when you tell your son/daughter what to do but fail to take your son/daughter with you and do the activity together. “You should go to bible study,” no, you take your son don’t tell your son. Don’t tell your kids to go to Sunday school, get out of that bed and prepare them and go with them to Sunday school.