Online Homeschooling Learning

Parents should embrace online homeschooling learning during this pandemic and even after that. Has this pandemic disrupted the life of your child? Are you still not sure when the schools are opening back? Are you worried about your child learning progress now that your child is at home? Are you concerned about the distractions your child is currently facing?  Well, your fears and worries have come to an end today. Our virtual Homeschooling learning program ends your worries today. Online Homeschooling is the new norm in town.


Reasons why you should enrol for online Homeschooling programs


We understand that it is a difficult time for all and to you as well. But difficult time calls for change and we all have to face change. Change comes with opportunities. Good news. An opportunity for learning with minimal distractions is now here with us. Online learning or call it digital learning is here with us.


Best time to enrol for online Homeschooling


We want to bring to your attention as a parent that we have moved to the dispensation of online information. As a result, we have launched our e-learning platform. This platform ensures your child continues his or her learning journey. Online Homeschooling is beneficial to ensure that no one falls behind in the learning process and on schedule.


Any child can do e-learning, especially now with data and Wi-Fi available in this century. The best time to learn and make online learning reality is during this season. Distance learning has become a new norm for the student, and it won’t be fair to leave your child out in this program.


Keep your child engaged through this pandemic


Welcome to the world of online Homeschooling. It is gaining popularity and attracting more parents in this field. Don’t leave your child out. Schools are switching to online learning. As much as you loved the traditional classroom setting, it’s time to accept change and embrace fun, fresh and creative ways to connect with students.


Can I teach my kids alone as a parent?


Well, you can teach your kids alone as a parent, even without the necessary teaching qualifications. In the other hand, it isn’t easy to do what the teachers have been doing without the required professional skill and experience as a parent. You might only be able to teach early year’s foundation stages or in our local system nursey stage. You will have a lot of limitations while teaching older children, especially teenagers.  High schoolers curriculum and syllabus is more complex and technical and will need a trained teacher to handle them. You might only come in as resource person to check whether they have done their assignments. Also remember that as a parent, you are also involved in the looking for daily bread for your family, and thus you have to go to work. Therefore, juggling between work and teaching your kids might be challenging. You need to engage a professional as you focus on your work, and this is where we come in as Nairobi Homeschooling, tuition, training, mentorship, coaching and student counselling. Click here to get more about us. We are introducing the online Homeschooling program to assist you in handling your children with efficiency while you focus on other matters about your family.


How does online Homeschooling happen?


Learners who are now at home will be engaged in some way by a trained teacher who will take students through a standard classroom online as compared to a typical face to face interactions.


“But I don’t think this might be effective and serious and involving as compared to the normal face to face interactions.” A parent might doubt.


Yes, your child might not have the regular teachers in the classroom, but the fact that your child is being taken through a weekly class through what they are supposed to learn and they can listen to someone makes virtual online Homeschooling effective.


Our teachers are working so hard to adapt their teaching approaches and delivery methods to going online, as well as course work structure. Lessons are done online through Zoom, skype and Webex software applications. Some lessons are also pre-recorded, and it allows the student to go through each content, rewind, pause, and revisit. Students have access to their teachers


Online Homeschooling ensures there are minimal disruptions when it comes to the student learning experience. Students schedule a live chat to connect with our teachers online. Students can also still write their questions to the teachers through emails. Students can go through the e-learning program at home or choose anywhere to learn, and students do not need to worry that they will be left out on any topics. This gives you more time with your kids, family and friends. There are also WhatsApp groups created by teachers to ensure constant communication between students and our teachers. If students need to, they can still reach our teachers via video conferencing. Students can also submit their work online. As such, there should be minimal disruptions on that end, thus makes online Homeschooling efficient and effective.


When it comes to feedback and marking, it can be done online as well, Teachers can still give their input online, and students view and make changes to their work.


Enrol your child today for online Homeschooling Learning


Don’t be left out in our online Homeschooling programs. Enrol your child today.

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