How to successfully raise your child to be a future parent

“What is wrong with children these days?” A frustrated parent of a stubborn and rebellious child asked me one day. Nothing. They just need to be raised. Unfortunately, some people have children but do not wish to be parents. Some parents provide for their children but don’t wish to raise them. Some wish to raise their children but have no idea how.
Probably by now you have read many parenting books, listened to a number of parenting speakers, attended several parenting conferences but you still struggle parenting your child. Where could the problem be?There is more, much more to it than that.
Good news, after many years of parenting success with these principles, we have decided to share these principles with you to equip you to be the best parent that has ever existed.These principles will revolve around:
Instructing your child
Training your child
Disciplining your child
 Being a good manager of the home
Teaching your child to be obedient
Drawing near to your children
Whats more?  We will also be sharing with you principles to successfully raise your teenager.