We discovered that many students were serving God passionately while in campus but after they leave campus
somehow the fire begins to slow down and finally dies completely.

Some students are also caught up in the job market that they forget their mission as believers and focus on being rich, focus on building big names and building earthly; kingdoms.

What is ministry??


Is an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith. The photo-type being the great commission. Mathew 28


The reality that awaits every campus/college students once they have graduated may startle many graduate. The moment you take of that gown and exit campus premises, then you have began living a completely different life. The truth is change is bound to occur and you are subjected to it.


1) Finances,-:well for a typical students -you used to party, tours and a life well cared for by your parents or guardians. The moment you step out ,these activities will be put to a minimum or wholly halted because of the bills ,students loans that must be paid.


2)   Networks-You hear a “phrase True friends?” You leave college and try to call your friends and the only thing you hear is “mteja hapatikani”


3) Relationships


The yearn to be with someone sets in after graduation day or towards end of last semester. You might have played the “hard to get” kind of a girl while in campus and now you have no connections .


4)  Priorities Change

While in college you always dreamt of completing studies and may be getting a job, starting a family, travelling to that scenic coastal beach or moving out of country. But all these will change due to the different dynamics of life that befall you. First priority here will be how to get money for the basics.


5) Your confidence may suffer


College students prepare for future but ratio of chances of failure to success are high ,due to the uncertainty about what the future holds. This is true because no one knows what will happen in future .Do not let fear grip you but rather be confident in yourself.


What do you do?? Refer to the author of ministry who is Jesus Christ to have success in ministry in and out of college.


Success in ministry-is Becoming All that God wants you to be and Doing all that He wants you to do and Hearing Him say Well done Good and faithful servant. Enter into the Joy of your master.


Being precedes Doing. People think what they do defines who they are. Thats wrong! Who who are defines/impacts what we do. If you are Christians then Christianity should define/impacts everything you do, whether a father, mother, students, banker,accountant, teacher etc.



2) God is all over the place. We were created to have a personal experience/relationship with God. Without God there is no success in Ministry.


3) Well done-Our life will have an end. Gods desire is that when you and I enter Eternity We will hear him telling us Enter into the Joy of your master.You and I have an entrace and an exist.


How will it happen?


Applications to successful ministry/work.


What is your view of ministry?


Common point of view of ministry.

  1. Ministry is not an easier job option
  2. ministry is not a convenient job option
  3. Ministry is not a retirement plan for the elderly
  4. Ministry is not an arrangement for deployed workers
  5. Ministry is not last minute death wish for people who have spent their better years doing other things
  6. Ministry is not a vacation Job. Its not for students to do while on holiday
  7. ministry is not a refuge for mothers of little children.


The right view of ministry is the starting point for a successful ministry.


Where can we find the right view of ministry?


Lets get to the author of ministry-:


Mathew 25 :14-21



God calls us to ministry through Salvation. Through salvation we become part of Gods Family.

A talent is a measure of weight that has monetary value.1 talent was equivalent to one day wage multiplied by 20 years.


The master Entrusted his possession to his slaves according to-:


  • Their capabilities
  • capacity
  • abilities
  • potential

Our master Jesus Christ has Entrusted us his possession that is His ministry here on earth. Jesus wants you and I to finish what He began.


  • Gods does not waste His resources.He is a wise invester.
  • He knows the capacity of you and I and allocates propotionally
  • He entrusts us to minister within our capacity
  • It does not whether 5,2,or 1
  • He provides us with unique skills, gifts, and talents to carry on His work here on earth.
  • He calls us to specific roles and activities in ministry. Although they might apparent difference in importance our calling to ministry is equal.
  • They are spiritual calling.
  • There is no second class callings from God.





Applications to successful ministry/work.




Means reasonable and strategic risks.


Verse 16 and 17.

Make something grow, advance, show fruits or results.

Apparently you have to take some risks .You need to strategic negotiate,test,market survey etc. The return was 100%.That was not important what is important is “ What you do leading up to the results.


Willingness to take risks translates to taking steps of Faith.




There was a cautious man who never laughed or played.

He never risked ,he never tried, he never sang or prayed. And when one day he passed away

His insurance was denied.For they claimed he never lived and so he never died.


Whatever the Lord puts on our hands we do it for His Glory.


John.a shedd Says I quote-”A ship in habor is safe,but that is not what ships are made for.”



“We walk by faith and not by sight.We keep an eye on Jesus the Author and finisher of our fAITH”


Mathew 5;16



2) Obedience to Authority


Obedience is an attitude to honour God by Surbordinating our will to the will ,position,vision,direction of God.


Verse 19


Do you think they knew what the master wanted them to do?? luke 19:12-13.


Prescription were very clear.


You and I are we clear with the call to ministry?

Call to righteousness

call to prayer

Call to study Gods word

Call to obey Gods servants ,Obedience to the Holy spirit.etc.


Mathew 28:18 –

7 types of Jesus Authority.


  • Authority to forgive sins
  • mediate to the father
  • to send the Holy spirit-john 4:26 john 15:26
  • To open the hearts and minds of His people luke 24:45
  • To reveal the fathr-mathew 11:27
  • To give eternal life to whom He chooses  john 10:27-28
  • to raise us up on the last day john 6:4




Sence of urgency ,integrity, transparency and accountability. Mathew 25:16-17


The point is not end results -the point is

“What do we do with what God has entrusted us with”


If somebody trusts you with something you need to be Faithful.Verse 21 -23



Enemies to your ministry.

  • Excuses
  • Wrong judgements
  • fear
  • murmuring and gumbling  to an extent of blaming God.
  • Laziness
  • wickedness james 4:16-17




4) Knowing why you do what you do.


Colossians 3: 23-24


23Whatever you

do, work at it with all your heart, as working for

the Lord, not for human masters, 24since you

know that you will receive an inheritance from

the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are

serving. 25Those who do wrong will be repaid for

their wrongs, and there is no favoritism


Heartly as for the Lord.Involve the whole being.









Are you willing to start conversations about Jesus wherever you will be? Mark 8:38



2) Obedience to Authority.

Will you obey the one who said that all Authority in heaven and earth is His.??Mathew 28:18


3) Responsibility and Accountability


Will you make the most of of your opportunities to share Jesus 2nd timothy 4:2


4) Knowing Why you do what you do.


Will you do the work of the ministry for the sole objective of glorifying God.Mathew  5:16

Mathew 28:18-20



We do not advise young men and women to have relationships with the opposite sex which are not intended for marriage- as they’ll involve themselves with immoral vices such as fornication.

Relationships of opposite sex should be entered into solely for the purpose of marriage-That period for preparing for marriage should not be too long.

1 Corinthians 7:2- Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man has his own wife and let every woman have her own husband.


Test as to whether your Love is true

  1. The admire test
  • In true love you have more than a lovely feeling.
  • You have solid reasons for saying he/ she will be a good husband/wife.
  • Ask yourself, Do we have reasons why we love each other or we just have lovely feelings
  • Can I trust her/him to be sexually faithful?
  1. The habit test
  • Don’t marry a person if you cant enjoy his/her habits.
  • How does he/she behave under pressure?
  1. The Unselfish Test
  • Selfish marriage- everyone cares for themselves only.
  • Endless quarrels.
  • Unselfish Love-concerned for his/her needs.
  • Selfish Love- I need her to understand me/ my problem and care about me, she will make my life happy.
  1. The talk freely Test
  • Can we talk with each other freely on deep fears and our past life?
  • Verbal communication-word choice, tone of voice, silence treatment and written messages.

Non-verbal communication-

  • Body language; Facial expressions, movement of hands and body to convey messages
  • Dressing-Clothing communicates, it can show whether you’re confident, happy or not.
  • Grooming-Even the right clothes cannot make up for poor grooming.

               Levels of communication

  • Small talk-Greetings
  • Share facts- Describing how your day was.
  • Sharing emotions- voicing your feelings in a frank and open way
  • Peak communication- Relationships reach a high point of understanding, communication is honest and mutually fulfilling.


  1. The Knowing each other Test
  • Know each others past and present. Example, Its hard to tell you this but before I got saved I used to drink beer.
  • There is no worry if he/she discovers my past.
  • Spend time together and in a group then you’ll discover;
  • Does he often quarrel with other people.
  • Does he/she refuse to speak to people who hurt them.
  • What does he do when he is angry?
  • How does she behave when in a bad mood?
  • When he is in trouble, does he trust in God?
  • Does he drink and try to keep it a secret?
  1. The Love for Christ Test.
  • Are we helping each other to love Christ?
  • Do we both enjoy serving Christ together?\
  1. The Giving Test
  • True love gives.
  • Don’t marry a person who says I’m unhappy, I need you to make me happy.
  1. The forgive after quarrel test
  • In a good relationship both are willing to forgive and listen to the other’s ideas.
  • Say I’m sorry, I forgive you.
  1. The maturity Test
  • Maturity isn’t based on age but on actions.
  • It is the ability to control and find constructive outlets for strong emotions. Proverbs 29;11- A fool gives full vent to his anger but a wise man keeps himself under control.
  • Acceptance of opposing points of view.
  • The initiative to do difficult/ unpleasant tasks.
  • A willingness to act without expecting reward or acknowledgement.
  • The patience to delay personal satisfaction or pleasure.
  • Determination- Ability to hang in there when problems arises.


  1. Avoid hugging, holding for too long and kissing.
  2. Don’t sit on his lap.
  3. Don’t stay indoors alone with your beloved for a long period.
  4. Don’t be alone in isolated places at odd hours.
  5. Don’t put your hands under the skirt.
  6. Don’t sleep on the same bed with your beloved.
  7. Don’t fondle the breasts and the private parts.
  8. Don’t undress in the presence of your beloved.
  9. Don’t have sex with your beloved.



  1. Keep a personal code of ethics- A clear set of rules or principles to guide your actions and decisions. E.g I believe all people are worthy of respect no matter what they look like or how they act.
    A code of ethics serves as an internal security force.
  2. Your attitude affecting the relationship.
    Attitude reveal your character toward other people, they reflect your values. Certain attitudes tend to be constructive forces while others destructive.

  3. People of integrity will not lie as an easy way out or to protect themselves- they keep their word.
  4. Respect
    This brings positive force on relationships.

Avoid stereotypical thinking and prejudices.


Some core Boundaries

  1. Don’t be a buffer/ emotional airbag
  2. Don’t share a partner with someone else.
  3. Don’t spend time waiting for them to show up after they have disappeared. -don’t put your life on hold for anyone.
  4. Don’t continue to engage in a relationship where there is no love, care, trust and respect.
  5. Avoid people who can’t make plans for the future.
  6. Avoid people who control relationships on their terms- It must be mutually fulfilling, balanced and healthy relationship.
  7. Don’t allow someone to use you for sex, devalue you sexually.
  8. Drop people who manage the bulk of the communication in the relationship by text, email or instant messages.
  9. Don’t allow to be filled with lies or getting the truth distorted.
  10. Don’t pursue someone who has directly or passively rejected you.
  11. Don’t play Florence Night gale- It’s not your job to fix/heal/help the walking wounded.
  12. Don’t date an unkind/cruel, lacking empathy, takes advantage or abuses you.
  13. Have non-negotiable boundaries.
    Don’t treat your partner like a child even though they behave like one.
    Don’t come up with your own reasons why you think they behave the way the did.




A red flag is something which the other person does which flags a potential problem either then or further down the line.

It alerts you to a potential issue.

Why we justify red flags;
1. You have already slept with the person so you are already in the justifying zone.
2. We want a relationship more than we want the right person.
3. We are insecure.
4. We are blinded by lust and desire.
5. We have the I can change him syndrome.

Red flags

  1. Anger and aggression
  2. Emotionally available.
  3. Addicted to something
  4. The controller
  5. They play the victims.
  6. Not over the EX
  7. Childhood problems.



Temperament is the basic template in which you were created. You were created with certain tendencies, natural strengths and weaknesses.

Why should you know your temperament?

  1. It will show you what kind of a person you are naturally inclined to marry.
  2. It makes you aware of your natural strengths.
  3. It makes you aware of your natural weaknesses.
  4. Accept to flow with your marriage partner.
  5. Accept to flow with people you work with.


  • They are loud, emotionally warm, friendly, happy out going, fun, loving, super extroverts.
    They are the life of the party.
  • They are talkative, story tellers, exaggerators, they get a lot of public attention.


They lack discipline, prone to exaggeration, hot tempered, prone to unfaithfulness
Indiscipline with money.
Spiritually disorganized.
Losses commitment easily.

The Sanguine wife

  • Adorable and popular- Cheer leader in school.
    Very entertaining.
  • Good at networking.
  • She does not old grudges.
  • Quick to apologize.
  • Life of the party.

Weaknesses of a sanguine wife.

  • Too talkative- Can embarrass those around her.
  • Permissive- Many allow her children to misbehave.
  • Avoids confrontation.
  • Fussy- doesn’t like to work
  • Messy housekeeper

2. Choleric
Choleric men

  • Decisive and opinionated.
  • Wants to be in charge and in control.
  • Can plan worthwhile projects
  • Natural leaders
  • Very open and honest.
  • Great achievers and providers
  • Spiritually committed




  • His emotional nature is the least part of his temperament.
  • Does not sympathize easily with others.
  • Embarrassed and disgusted by the fears of others
  • His most serious weakness is anger.
  • May cause pain to others and enjoy it.
  • Carry grudge for a long time.



Choleric wife

  • Makes things happen.
  • Very bossy
  • Courageous
  • Determined
  • Crusades for change.
  • Career women
  • Open and honest
  • Forceful woman



  • Unpopular
  • Self-centered
  • Bossy
  • Not tender
  • Hot tempered
  • Not very popular.
  • Doesn’t take time for real conversations.


  • Analytical, self-sacrificing, gifted and perfectionist.
  • Does not push to meet people but lets people come to him
  • Dedicate to self-sacrificing
  • He is a listener.
  • Finds greatest meaning in life.
  • Lacks confidence
  • Subject to mood swings.


  • He suffers from depression.
  • Lacks confidence
  • Subject to mood swings.
  • Can be very sensitive.
  • Needs a lot of love.
  • Very choosy




  • Easiest person to get along with.
  • Has a natural dry sense of humor.
  • Natural peace maker.
  • He will not volunteer for leadership.
  • Can be very stubborn.
  • Rarely exceeds the status quo
  • Can annoy an aggressive person.
  • Polite, diplomatic.
  • Will no confront.
  • Thoughtful
  • Dependable, faithful


We need to manage our temperaments through prayer, reading the word of God, read books for emotional intelligence.

Accept feedback.

Be filled with Holy Spirit.




Sex before marriage (fornication) is the greatest factor that is currently affecting university/College Students and hindering them from going further in ministry both within and after campus. How can you stay pure? How can you overcome this addiction suppose you are already in it? What are the dangers of fornication?


15 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Fornication


Obedience means more to God than any great sacrifice that you can make to Him. Some of you come to church, put your offering in the basket, pay your tithes, lift up your hands and worship His Majesty. You give sacrifices of praise to God. But God prefers your simple obedience to your many offerings and lifted hands. I once met a lady who told me that the commandment not to commit fornication is an old fashioned law, meant for the olden days. She argued that it was no longer a realistic instruction.

Even if it does not make sense to you, your duty is still to obey God. Christianity has to do with your relationship with the Lord. As a Christian you are dependent on God, and it is only the Lord who can bless you. If you choose to disobey and disregard God, I don’t know what kind of relationship you want to have with Him.

When you disobey God, you incur God’s curses upon your life. Some people complain that it is difficult to obey God. “It costs so much”, they say. Dear friend, the truth is that it pays to obey God but it costs to disobey Him. As you read the rest of this book, you will realize that when God gives us a commandment, it is for our own good. It pays to obey God but it is very expensive to disobey Him.


But whoso commiteth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it DESTROYETH his own SOUL. Prov. 6:32. When you commit fornication, the Bible says you will destroy your soul.

This means that fornication will have an effect on you spiritually. Anybody who is involved in fornication gets affected spiritually. You may not know exactly how it affects you. But it does affect you, and will lead you to backslide. On Sunday mornings there are people sitting in church knowing very well what they did the night before. Some Christians even come to church straight from their boyfriends’ beds.

Your pastor may not know what you have done. He may have shaken hands with you, but didn’t have any word of knowledge about you! So you continue in sin. Know that it is gradually destroying your soul — your inner self is affected! With experience I have come to see that when somebody commits fornication, his spiritual life takes a nosedive. When a Christian falls into immorality his lifestyle changes. The destruction of the soul has began.



Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that commiteth fornication sinneth against his own body. 1 Cor. 6:18. When you commit fornication you commit sin directly against your own body. When you commit fornication you commit a crime against your body. You are destroying your body. If you commit a crime against the State, you are said to be destroying the State. That is why the State will arrest and prosecute you. In the same way when you commit fornication, you commit a crime against your body, and God will prosecute you for that….know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost…? 1 Cor. 6:19.


Sex is intended to be a binding experience between two people. Know that when you commit fornication, you make a covenant with whoever you had sex with. God’s plan is that when a woman has sex for the first time, her hymen is broken and blood is shed. Whenever blood is shed some sort of agreement or covenant is created. That means when you have sex with different people, you may actually be entering into union with them. Agreements are made because blood is shed. That is one of the reasons why Paul asked, …shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them members of an harlot? God forbid. 1Cor 6:15. Such covenants are for real. They can affect you for the rest of your life. I have seen people who have been crippled all their Christian lives because of fornication. Some Christians never rise out of the covenant of fornication. The son of a fetish priest came to our church some years ago. He told us how he got involved in witchcraft. He said he once slept in the cemetery with his father. After seven days his father cut his hand, drew his blood and mixed it with his own. Then they both drank theblood and made a permanent agreement. A covenant of witchcraft!

This brother was under that covenant. A time came when he had to decide between his father, (that is following the fetish) and following Christ. This young man could not break away from this blood covenant. (Friend, I am talking here about blood covenants!). He left the church after some months and went back to his father’s shrine. Although he was born again, and knew the Lord, he could not easily break away from his covenant. Blood and covenants are real things so don’t sleep with just anybody. You may be sleeping with a witch and that witch will be in your home all the days of your life.


… Babylon the great …is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Rev. 18:2. A stronghold of evil spirits is a refuge, a sanctuary or a hiding place for demons. Why did so many evil spirits come to live in Babylon? Why has Babylon become a hold of demons? See to verse 3, For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her. The kings, the Ministers of State, the rich and the famous have committed fornication with her. That is why evil spirits have come into her life. Fornication attracts evil spirits into your life. This is so true of many Christians’ lives. Evil spirits have aggregated and congregated in them because of their fornication. When God says don’t do something he knows why! Some of the evil spirits that come into you can prevent you from ever marrying. Some evil spirits can cause you to backslide. Some of them will cause you to marry the wrong person. Some of them can cause you to have a bad marriage. Some of these evil spirits can also lead you into unfaithfulness in your marriage. The list is endless. Do you want to become a hiding place for demons?


There are a host of diseases that only come about through sexual intercourse. We call these STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The germs that cause these diseases will have access into you when you commit fornication. Let me mention only ten of them. (Please notice how big the names of these ‘animals’ are!):

  1. Neisseria Gonococcus — this causes Gonorrhoea.
  2. Treponema pallidum — this causes Syphilis.
  3. Chlamydia trachomatis — this causes Nonspecific urethritis.
  4. Hepatitis ‘B’ virus — this causes liver diseases.
  5. Herpes simplex type II virus — this cause Herpes


  1. Trichomonas vaginalis — this causes vaginitis.
  2. Lymphogranuloma venereum
  3. Haemophilus Ducreyii — causes Soft Sore


  1. Urinary tract infection
  2. Cancer of the Cervix — frequent sex at an early age predisposes you to cancer of the cervix. If you wait till you marry before having sex, you may save yourself from all these diseases. But if you continue to commit fornication, then remember that all these ‘ANIMALS’’ will ENTER your body and make you sick!



Fornication will kill you if you acquire the Human Immuno Virus (HIV). Unless God works a miracle, you may die of AIDS. HIV is now a death sentence. It is sad to say that in the Charismatic churches there are many Christians who are HIV positive. A laboratory technician once gave me some alarming statistics. A team of Lab Technicians organised a blood donationevent in a Charismatic church and out of about hundred people who donated blood, a large percentage tested positive for HIV. In other words, our churches have significant numbers of people with the HIV virus. Fornicating with your fellow church member may mean your death! Those who are HIV positive can develop AIDS. And when you have AIDS, it means you have a few more years to live.


Do you want to attend school with your child? When I was in Secondary school, there was a man in the sixth form who was said to have a child in form one. How could this be? Probably due to an unwanted pregnancy earlier on in his life.


If you commit fornication and become pregnant, it is most likely that you will want to hide it — by committing abortion. You are falling into the same trap that David fell into when he committed adultery. Murder is the commonest evil that follows the sin of fornication. Abortion is the sin of murder. Many fornicators are murderers. Multiple abortionists are multiple murderers. Dear friend, you may not know that abortion is murder. Medically speaking, abortion is the termination of human life. The human life may be just a few cells, but it is human life! Are you a murderer?


Let me explain how fornication brings infertility. During an abortion, various instruments similar to knives and forks are introduced into the womb. This often leads to infection. And this infection often leads to the blocking of the fallopian tubes. Young lady, if your fallopian tubes are blocked you will not be able to become pregnant. Then you may find yourself in every deliverance centre — looking for healing. Receive your deliverance now by obeying the Word.


Unwanted children are usually products of fornication. Why should you be pregnant when you are a 16 year old student? Your child is supposed to be your daughter or son and not your younger sister or brother!


Whenever a child is not wanted, he becomes a reject in society- A “pikin na bollo” as we say in Ghana. ManyT.eviants in society have a background of having been unwanted. I remember a young boy who beat up his mother and left home. No one knows where he is. I asked why a young sixth former should behave in this unbecoming manner. The answer can be traced to his mother’s history. This young lad was a product of his mother’s fornication when she was only 15 years old. The boy had been made to stay with different aunties and other relatives. You see, his mother had to continue schooling. When his mother eventually got married, she was ashamed of her unwanted child. So he continued staying with other sympathetic relatives. Naturally, the young lad grew up doing very poorly in school. He was suspended several times and became what we call a social deviant, a very bitter boy.


Read the story of Tamar and Amnon in II Samuel 13. Fornication leads to many hurts. Tamar was hurt. Absalom her brother was hurt. King David was hurt. The relation between them was broken forever.   you must realize is that fornication is essentially wrong and evil. It only leads to many terrible and devastating complications in life.


Fornication is often the last straw that breaks the camel’s back in unhappy marriages. Remember, it is only in the case of adultery that God allows divorce. God knows that this is the sin which has the ability to destroy marriages.

Physical Steps to Avoiding Fornication

How can we save ourselves from this disgraceful sin? We are all men of like passions subject to the same temptations like every one else. I believe the Lord has shown me some important steps that will keep us all from sin. Four of these steps are spiritual and eight are physical.

Let us start with the physical steps.


Very young people should not enter into relationships. To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Eccl. 3:1. There is a time for entering into a relationship. Why do you want to enter into a relationship when you are still in school? You don’t even have a job in sight! In my church, I do not recognize relationships of teenagers. I will advice you to break it in the Name of Jesus! You worry yourself for nothing when you play with relationships at the wrong time.


You must only enter into relationships that lead to marriage. The only intimate relationship between men and women that God approves of is marriage. A Christian man and woman must move towards God’s plan, and God’s plan is marriage. When I proposed to my wife many years before I actually married her, I asked her two questions: “Can you marry a doctor? Can you marry a Pastor?” Marriage was what I had in mind. She was in love with me so she said yes! I had decided that I was going to marry her. She was not just a friend or girlfriend. She had passed on to become someone special — the person who was going to be my wife and the bearer of my children. I remember asking a young man who had been in a relationship with a sister in church for two years, “Are you getting married?” His response was “I don’t think we will. We are just in a relationship.” I think a lady must be foolish to be in such a relationship. The man is just using you, and will throw you away one day. The relationships that God approves of are relationships that are headed towards His will; and His will is marriage! If you know that your relationship is not going towards marriage, then it is just going towards fornication. Stop right there!


The Bible says there is a time to “refrain from embracing.” …a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing… Eccl. 3:15. If you are in a relationship, there is a time to refrain from embracing. I can hold my wife, I can hug her and I will not be doing anything wrong. But those of you who are not married are not expected to do so. Even when you touch your fiancee’s hand, ‘osmosis’ begins to occur! In my church we have a few rules for counselling young people in relationships. We don’t just tell you to live a holy and a pure life, but only have holy relationships!


I encourage people to marry young. The more Christians delay the marriage ceremony, the more likely they are to end up living in sin. What are you waiting for? In certain churches there are road blocks to marriage. Couples are presented with so many obstacles to delay marriage. But that should not be the case. Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy YOUTH. Prov. 5:18. The scripture encourages you to have a wife when you are young — The wife of your youth. Don’t use the lack of money as an excuse, because you can marry if you really want to. Marry whilst you are still young. Don’t wait until you have all the comfortable things of life before venturing into marriage. When I decided to get married, somebody whispered to my wife to marry someone who had everything in life. I certainly didn’t qualify because I had nothing! I have been through some really hard times with my wife, where we didn’t have any money. We had to warn our visitors to sit in a particular way because our chairs were weak and broken. She even had to go abroad to work to buy us some furniture. I have truly struggled with my wife, so I love her. I didn’t have to wait until I was an old man to get married. I love the people with whom I have been through struggles and difficulties. They are different from those who have come in at a time of total blessing. When you are already established in life, you will have people interested in you because you are already blessed. But the wife of your youth will marry you not because of what you have, but because of who you are. It is a blessing to marry young.


And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. Gen. 2:25. The only person you must be naked with is your wife. Not your girlfriend, fiancee, nurse or secretary. You are not supposed to have any other wife. God does not endorse polygamy. A polygamous lifestyle encourages fornication. In Ghana, we have ‘official’ polygamy, where a man maintains two or three wives. But there is an ‘unofficial’ version of polygamy which is practised by most successful people in Ghana. They have an official wife whom they take to official functions and appear on television with. There are also the unofficial women in the life of these men. And this is a common practice by most of the ‘big shots’ in our society. Such men have no intention of divorcing their wives. They will spend the weekends at special places with these ‘side’ girls. They travel with them to Paris, and generally have a good time with them. But they still maintain the official marriage. We must keep this culture of unofficial polygamy far from us, if we want to avoid fornication.


We need to have sexually active marriages. There are many marriages which are not sexually active. It is amazing that before people get married they want to hold and touch each other but when they get married they can lie by each other like logs. Why commit fornication when you can commit love. Drink water out of thine own cistern; and running waters out of thine own well. Prov. 5:15. Sex can be likened to drinking water. And we drink water several times in a day. So the Bible admonishes you to have sex several times, so you won’t thirst for any other woman. There is more symbolic language in Proverbs 5. Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad… Verse 16. What in sex looks like a fountain? God’s rule for healthy marriages is that the fountains should be allowed to disperse abroad. You must allow the fountains to flow. Some fountains have been closed two weeks or six months. Such fountains are not blessed! …and rivers of waters in the streets. Verse 15. What could these streets be? If the fountains are going to flow into the streets, then God says …let them be only thine OWN and not strangers’. Verse 17. Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times… Verse 19. If you are married your wife’s breasts must satisfy you at all times! Why should you be playing with somebody else’s breast when you have your own wife’s. One of the ways to prevent fornication if your are married is to have sex regularly. When you eat and are satisfied, you don’t feel like eating any more. Women especially should know that when they have sex regularly with their husbands, they prevent them from having extra marital affairs. A man of God fell into sin. I was sitting with him after he had impregnated one of his church members — he was crying. I was so sad, I wanted to know how it happened. He described the difficulties of sex he had with his wife. She did not want to have sex with him. She kept complaining that she was tired, or cold. As soon as the husband committed adultery, she became active. She realized her husband’s adultery was a product of what was going on at home. Some wives are just waiting for their husbands to commit adultery and then they will wake up!

Spiritual Steps to Avoiding Fornication


You need honesty to save yourself from fornication. If you have a problem and need help, you have to be open about it. The doctor cannot help you unless you open up and tell him your problem.

No one can help you if you do not ask for help. Everybody needs help. But not everybody wants help. You need to open up and share your problems with honesty. Without the belt of truth and sincerity you can never receive help from God. There is a story about a Christian brother who always thought the messages preached in church were directed at others. The Pastor would minister under the power of the Holy Ghost, and this Christian brother would sit in the church assuming it was for somebody else. After the service, he would thank the pastor and say “Pastor, bless you for this message. I believe you really ministered to THEM. You really touched THEIR hearts. It’s a message THEY really needed.” The Pastor tried to modify his sermon so that the man would realize that he was actually talking to him. But it was to no avail. Then one day, it rained and there was a flood. No one but this brother came to church. As he sat there alone, the Pastor said to himself, at last this young man will know that the message is for him. The pastor preached his heart out. After that the brother came up and said, “Pastor, that was a very powerful message. If only THEY had come to church today, in fact, THEIR lives would have been touched!”

And that’s how it is. We preach the Word, and people always assume it’s for somebody else. We are simply not honest enough to accept that we have a problem.


We need prayer to be able to deal with sin. And he said unto them, Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Luke 22:46. Prayer is very important to prevent you from falling into temptation. Prayer strengthens you for whatever is coming your way. Next time you fast, get up early and pray before the day. You will find supernatural strength to go on. This strength comes from prayer. When you pray you build up your spirit and become spiritually strong. The Bible says the body without the spirit is dead. That means the day your spirit goes out of your body, you will die. It also means that whatever is happening in your body is affected by your spirit. It helps you to fight off certain temptations. That is why Jesus said pray, in case you fall into temptation. That is why Jesus prayed all the time. Once Jesus prayed for forty days and nights. Soon after praying and fasting, the devil came to tempt him, but he was too strong for the devil.

The devil had chosen the wrong time to attack Christ. Many years ago, the devil tried to bring a temptation my way. But that day, the Lord led me to pray for hours. honesty. Without the belt of truth and sincerity you can never receive help from God. There is a story about a Christian brother who always thought the messages preached in church were directed at others . The Pastor would minister under the power of the Holy Ghost, and this Christian brother would sit in the church assuming it was for somebody else. After the service, he would thank the pastor and say “Pastor, bless you for this message. I believe you really ministered to THEM. You really touched THEIR hearts. It’s a message THEY really needed.” The Pastor tried to modify his sermon so that the man would realize that he was actually talking to him. But it was to no avail. Then one day, it rained and there was a flood. No one but this brother came to church. As he sat there alone, the Pastor said to himself, at last this young man will know that the message is for him. The pastor preached his heart out. After that the brother came up and said, “Pastor, that was a very powerful message. If only THEY had come to church today, in fact, THEIR lives would have been touched!” And that’s how it is. We preach the Word, and people always assume it’s for somebody else. We are simply not honest enough to accept that we have a problem.

We need prayer to be able to deal with sin. And he said unto them, Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Luke 22:46. Prayer is very important to prevent you from falling into temptation. Prayer strengthens you for whatever is coming your way. Next time you fast, get up early and pray before the day. You will find supernatural strength to go on. This strength comes from prayer. When you pray you build up your spirit and become spiritually strong. The Bible says the body without the spirit is dead. That means the day your spirit goes out of your body, you will die. It also means that whatever is happening in your body is affected by your spirit. It helps you to fight off certain temptations. That is why Jesus said pray, in case you fall into temptation. That is why Jesus prayed all the time. Once Jesus prayed for forty days and nights. Soon after praying and fasting, the devil came to tempt him, but he was too strong for the devil. The devil had chosen the wrong time to attack Christ. Many years ago, the devil tried to bring a temptation my way. But that day, the Lord led me to pray for hours. It is by grace and grace alone! The song writer said, “Through many dangers, toils and snares, l have already come. It was grace that brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.” Friends, it is grace that will see us through!


What next after University/College?

You have successfully finished university and it’s time for graduation and all the celebration that comes with it. So what’s next for you?

As a university graduate or young professional in Kenya, you might forget that having a certificate is not enough to actually get you a job. Ultimately, you are fresh out of University/college with zero experience and that puts you at a disadvantage in the competitive job market. But, that shouldn’t make you worried. There are plenty of options available you as a graduates or young professionals in Kenya.


After completing university, the next step is that you will go directly from school into job hunting in your chosen fields. However, most employers continue to protest that they cannot find skilled candidates to fill available positions.

University completion is a big achievement. Congratulations on that! But you should always keep in mind that today’s higher education institutions are not adequate to fill the ‘skills gap” that most employers complain about. It is, therefore, important for you to consider getting the practical skills that would complement your degree and kick-start your career.


Skills that you should work on after completing your degree

Employers have highlighted the need for you as a graduate to develop a range of transferable skills, often referred to as ‘soft skills’ to enable you to better meet the demands of the world of work.

“1 in 6 employers have difficulty finding candidates with the skills they require”

“54% of companies say that skills shortages impact their ability to serve their customers”

“1 in 3 skills in a job posting is a soft skill”

Transferable skills gap demonstrate that students require more than just knowledge to be successful. It’s about skills as well as knowledge to be successful.

These are skills that you need to have besides your degree certificate.

Critical Thinking-Problem Solving, Analysis, Reasoning/Argumentation, Creativity, Innovation

Adaptability. Personal And Social Responsibility, Continious Learning, Intellectual Interest and Curiosity, Interpretation, Decision Making, Adaptive Learning, Executive Function, Initiative, Self-Direction, Responsibility, Perserverance, Productivity, Self-Regulation, Ethics, Integrity, Self-Monitoring, Self-Evaluation,Self-Reinforcement

Communication, Collaboration, Teamwork,Co-Operation, Interpersonal Skills, Empathy/Perspective Taking, Negotiation, Leadership, Responsibility, Assertive Communication,Self-Presentation.

Strive to be excellent at your work.

Suppose you don’t get a job after University/College, what should you do?


Consider volunteering. If nobody is willing to employ you then consider to offer to work without pay as long as your skills are being put into good use. That way your mind will remain engaged, keeping you on the cutting edge and making you ready for employment when the opportunity comes. It’s okay to volunteer and work without pay.


Suppose you don’t get a job after University/College, what should you do?

Consider Entrepreneurship.

Consider starting your own business/Company.

How many of you have registered their own companies while at the university? Very few. I registered my company after University and I wished I knew I would have registered while I was still at the university by now I would be very far than where I am currently. Although am still not complaining because the companies I started has still generated more income than I expected and I don’t regret going that route since I graduated from campus.  For more details concerning company registration CLICK HERE. 

For those of you who would like to register a LTD COMPANY either while still at the University or once you finish. But I would encourage you to register while still at the University. You can cut some costs,  some expenses and save for this noble course. If you are serious about registering a LTD COMPANY, Kindly call me on this number 0706359585.

Now, Great businesses are not solely defined by their size, industry or popularity but by: (BY CENTONOMY

  • The Impact they have on the founder, team, customers, and community.
  • The Culture they create- where people work because they want to, not because they have to.
  • How they Create Wealth substantially by having the correct Structures.
  • How they constantly translate ideas into great Opportunities, products/services.

As you consider entrepreneurship, consider your business in these dimensions: (BY CENTONOMY

  • Creating Structures  (making your business run without you)
  • Vision & Strategy ( Identifying where you are going & how to get there)
  • Evaluating Opportunities in your business & Marketing/Selling those opportunities
  • Creating the right Culture in your business.
  • Marketing (including the use of digital media & data)
  • Managing Money in business (paying yourself, understanding income, cash flow & profit etc.)
  • Raising Capital & Attracting Investors
  • Tax
  • Legal structures (intellectual property, business contracts etc.)

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Suppose you don’t get a job after University/College, what should you do?

Consider Doing Online Jobs. You can start doing online jobs while at the University

Yes Online jobs exist. Those who are already aware of it are making a kill. I started here after finishing University and I still do online jobs though on part time basis and I earn upto Kshs 50,000 per month on this and I am even aiming higher figures in this niche. You can also venture into this niche. Get intouch with me on 0706359585.

Lastly we cant forget Branding yourself as you prepare to look for a job. Your Cv: Very Important Document.

You should also brand yourself as you prepare to job hunt/seek after university/College.

You should also brand yourself as you prepare to job hunt/seek after university/College.

CV WRITING as a fresh graduate


Summary for you job experience, it should have previous experience,
and qualification of the job. Before you begin writing your Cv understand
what the job is looking for first. If you are applying for project
management, tailor your Cv according to the project management. Any
experience should be relevant to the job you are applying for.
Something else employers are looking for is how long you have stayed
in a particular position. Employers are not looking for people who who
have stayed in a position for 3months. Gaps in your Cv communicates
sth. If you are leaving every job after every 6 months. There is a
Employers also want to understand where you took your professional
Another thing is organization. How organized is your Cv? You could have
all these but information is scattered everywhere. You need to have a
well organized Cv.
Most important in contact is email and telephone number
Whatever position, employers are looking for a person who is mature,
they can tell your personality from the small details you are presenting,
so come up with something professional.
Profile: short summary of the kind of experience and expertise you have
Education background: Start from most recent to the last one
At this level if you have relevant training you can indicate here: just
include year if it is 3months/s days
Competencies: basic skills employers are looking for which is different in
organizations eg Knowledgeable in…expert in…..skilled in
P.O.BOX 15873-00100
Work history (most important part in a cv); Title, name of organization,
duration(6yrs to 5yrs), basically to understand where you have worked
(is it an SME, International)
Duties and responsibilities: What was it that you are handing and see
whether you are able to work at what we want here
Achievements; You have been in an organization, there are things you
have changed/achieved that was not there when you joined, you need
to include them here/ they need to come out here.
A Cv is important because this is the only thing we have about you. A Cv
is a marketing document.
Pick the top 5 duties/responsibilities.
Keep editing depending on the job you are applying
Look at the job description and focus on the top 5 duty requirements
Jan to March 2016
March 2016….in case you worked one year
Before you get to referees……..there is also awards

Common Cv writing mistakes

1. Presentation & caps, alots of underlining
A Cv is a marketing document, it should be appealing, its not you who
sent the application
It must be visually appealing
Have one font and let it be consistent
2. Presentation…email is not professional using slang language…John
Kamau but email reads……you will slay
P.O.BOX 15873-00100
female employees at workplace. Others shiro….who you may thing
is a young woman only to turn up in the interview and realize she is
48. This does not bring professional side of you
3. Lack of so much information/omission of so much
information…..someone has outlined an administration manager as
the title only but has not indicated what they do
4. Not indicating references…some say references available upon
request.they are important
5. Less important information…eg kikuyu..religion
6. Image….Avoid attaching a photo unless requested it justs lengthen
your Cv
7. Not giving up to date contact information. You changes your
number but forgot to change thus we call you but the phone
cannot go through or someone picks hence you loose the chance
8. Career statement people write are not unique….am
enthusiastic/hardworking…be very specific, write sth to do with skills
or what you can achieve for the employer
9. Kind of hobbies…some of this hobbies do not inspire making
friends…how do they bring out your professionalism
Just edit your Cv to come out tops

Aspects/elements of a good Cv
Now what are elements of a good Cv? When it comes to Cv
writing, a good Cv entails

1. Personal information…full names…contact details …..emails
2. The other aspect of a good Cv is career profile or career
objective…I want to see a summary of who you are what you have
done…..skills what you want for a job…3 to 2 sentences. Keep it
brief and short. Some personal details Date of birth……marital
3. Professional qualification…and education….problems you give
outline of grades breakdown of each units you took…wrong makes
your Cv too long. For example Accounting don’t put at every
P.O.BOX 15873-00100
stage…just put your highest grade…e.g CPA Part 2 don’t give a
4. Education background …Do you put KCSE and KCPE for fresh
graduate you can put KCSE….but if you have experience say 3yrs
and above stop at KCSE just indicate grade year ad a school we
don’t need to know specific grades in maths, English,
5. Then we have Key skills and competencies ….Pimping your
Cv….here you give general overview of skills you
gathered….through training or on job experience ……some maybe
specific/ video editing, communication, IT
6. After you are done with that you come to work experience. A good
work experience outline is where you indicate Job title, employer
details, duration, duties and responsibilities, let me say at this
stage you need to include achievement, under each job you put
achievement, then structure wordings of different jobs you have
done …eg if it is your current job put it in present tense if past job
describe in past tense then it make a difference how you structure.
7. Then after work experience we also want to see other trainings
and seminars attended then after that you put awards you have
received at workplace or professional level or company level.
8. Membership details…nowadays it is common for employers to ask
membership details.. if you are a member of a certain organization
9. Then after that you come to interests..what are your professional
interests. I have seen people writing socializing,reading
newspaper,Tv…for me this does not count as a professional
10. Lastly we need to see referees…employees still expect you to
send Cv with referees. Whichever format you use
Now there is no specific format you are to us when drafting your
Cv…However whichever format you use it should include all these

Suppose you send your Cv and you are called for an interview
what are some of the questions you expect
Tell me about yourself?
Why should we hire you?
Do you have any questions for us?
How much should we pay you?
How soon are you available for this job?
What are your achievements?
What are your weakness?
What new ideas are you bringing on board?
Why are you looking for another job?
What are your strengths?
What do you know about us?
Tell us about yourself?
What would your former employer indicate about you?
What salary are you looking for?

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