We discovered that many students were serving God passionately while in campus but after they leave campus
somehow the fire begins to slow down and finally dies completely.

Some students are also caught up in the job market that they forget their mission as believers and focus on being rich, focus on building big names and building earthly; kingdoms.

What is ministry??


Is an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith. The photo-type being the great commission. Mathew 28


The reality that awaits every campus/college students once they have graduated may startle many graduate. The moment you take of that gown and exit campus premises, then you have began living a completely different life. The truth is change is bound to occur and you are subjected to it.


1) Finances,-:well for a typical students -you used to party, tours and a life well cared for by your parents or guardians. The moment you step out ,these activities will be put to a minimum or wholly halted because of the bills ,students loans that must be paid.


2)   Networks-You hear a “phrase True friends?” You leave college and try to call your friends and the only thing you hear is “mteja hapatikani”


3) Relationships


The yearn to be with someone sets in after graduation day or towards end of last semester. You might have played the “hard to get” kind of a girl while in campus and now you have no connections .


4)  Priorities Change

While in college you always dreamt of completing studies and may be getting a job, starting a family, travelling to that scenic coastal beach or moving out of country. But all these will change due to the different dynamics of life that befall you. First priority here will be how to get money for the basics.


5) Your confidence may suffer


College students prepare for future but ratio of chances of failure to success are high ,due to the uncertainty about what the future holds. This is true because no one knows what will happen in future .Do not let fear grip you but rather be confident in yourself.


What do you do?? Refer to the author of ministry who is Jesus Christ to have success in ministry in and out of college.


Success in ministry-is Becoming All that God wants you to be and Doing all that He wants you to do and Hearing Him say Well done Good and faithful servant. Enter into the Joy of your master.


Being precedes Doing. People think what they do defines who they are. Thats wrong! Who who are defines/impacts what we do. If you are Christians then Christianity should define/impacts everything you do, whether a father, mother, students, banker,accountant, teacher etc.



2) God is all over the place. We were created to have a personal experience/relationship with God. Without God there is no success in Ministry.


3) Well done-Our life will have an end. Gods desire is that when you and I enter Eternity We will hear him telling us Enter into the Joy of your master.You and I have an entrace and an exist.


How will it happen?


Applications to successful ministry/work.


What is your view of ministry?


Common point of view of ministry.

  1. Ministry is not an easier job option
  2. ministry is not a convenient job option
  3. Ministry is not a retirement plan for the elderly
  4. Ministry is not an arrangement for deployed workers
  5. Ministry is not last minute death wish for people who have spent their better years doing other things
  6. Ministry is not a vacation Job. Its not for students to do while on holiday
  7. ministry is not a refuge for mothers of little children.


The right view of ministry is the starting point for a successful ministry.


Where can we find the right view of ministry?


Lets get to the author of ministry-:


Mathew 25 :14-21



God calls us to ministry through Salvation. Through salvation we become part of Gods Family.

A talent is a measure of weight that has monetary value.1 talent was equivalent to one day wage multiplied by 20 years.


The master Entrusted his possession to his slaves according to-:


  • Their capabilities
  • capacity
  • abilities
  • potential

Our master Jesus Christ has Entrusted us his possession that is His ministry here on earth. Jesus wants you and I to finish what He began.


  • Gods does not waste His resources.He is a wise invester.
  • He knows the capacity of you and I and allocates propotionally
  • He entrusts us to minister within our capacity
  • It does not whether 5,2,or 1
  • He provides us with unique skills, gifts, and talents to carry on His work here on earth.
  • He calls us to specific roles and activities in ministry. Although they might apparent difference in importance our calling to ministry is equal.
  • They are spiritual calling.
  • There is no second class callings from God.





Applications to successful ministry/work.




Means reasonable and strategic risks.


Verse 16 and 17.

Make something grow, advance, show fruits or results.

Apparently you have to take some risks .You need to strategic negotiate,test,market survey etc. The return was 100%.That was not important what is important is “ What you do leading up to the results.


Willingness to take risks translates to taking steps of Faith.




There was a cautious man who never laughed or played.

He never risked ,he never tried, he never sang or prayed. And when one day he passed away

His insurance was denied.For they claimed he never lived and so he never died.


Whatever the Lord puts on our hands we do it for His Glory.


John.a shedd Says I quote-”A ship in habor is safe,but that is not what ships are made for.”



“We walk by faith and not by sight.We keep an eye on Jesus the Author and finisher of our fAITH”


Mathew 5;16



2) Obedience to Authority


Obedience is an attitude to honour God by Surbordinating our will to the will ,position,vision,direction of God.


Verse 19


Do you think they knew what the master wanted them to do?? luke 19:12-13.


Prescription were very clear.


You and I are we clear with the call to ministry?

Call to righteousness

call to prayer

Call to study Gods word

Call to obey Gods servants ,Obedience to the Holy spirit.etc.


Mathew 28:18 –

7 types of Jesus Authority.


  • Authority to forgive sins
  • mediate to the father
  • to send the Holy spirit-john 4:26 john 15:26
  • To open the hearts and minds of His people luke 24:45
  • To reveal the fathr-mathew 11:27
  • To give eternal life to whom He chooses  john 10:27-28
  • to raise us up on the last day john 6:4




Sence of urgency ,integrity, transparency and accountability. Mathew 25:16-17


The point is not end results -the point is

“What do we do with what God has entrusted us with”


If somebody trusts you with something you need to be Faithful.Verse 21 -23



Enemies to your ministry.

  • Excuses
  • Wrong judgements
  • fear
  • murmuring and gumbling  to an extent of blaming God.
  • Laziness
  • wickedness james 4:16-17




4) Knowing why you do what you do.


Colossians 3: 23-24


23Whatever you

do, work at it with all your heart, as working for

the Lord, not for human masters, 24since you

know that you will receive an inheritance from

the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are

serving. 25Those who do wrong will be repaid for

their wrongs, and there is no favoritism


Heartly as for the Lord.Involve the whole being.









Are you willing to start conversations about Jesus wherever you will be? Mark 8:38



2) Obedience to Authority.

Will you obey the one who said that all Authority in heaven and earth is His.??Mathew 28:18


3) Responsibility and Accountability


Will you make the most of of your opportunities to share Jesus 2nd timothy 4:2


4) Knowing Why you do what you do.


Will you do the work of the ministry for the sole objective of glorifying God.Mathew  5:16

Mathew 28:18-20

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